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It is worth to stop for a moment and consider how deep you want to store furniture. Is it necessary to present to them a few dozen pieces of goods? Is it better to keep to complement what is on the shelf? And at which point the space savings can take revenge and give rise to the impression that the store is stocking up badly? Such questions are worth asking yourself at this stage. Custom-made furnishings enjoy enormous popularity in Poland is obviously not random. Initial word's popularity was related to the fact that the owners of small kitchen in the blocks, they had serious problems finding odpowiedznich for yourself furniture. In this case, the use of the kitchen furniture to size it was an ideal solution. However, we must say that at the moment, made furnishings are used not only in small kitchens, but also in leading a dozen square meters, home kitchens. So what you need to measure to have a good fit furniture shop? First of all - the basic dimensions, such as length, width and height of the store. Second - the distance that should be maintained so that customers can easily move between the shelves. Thirdly, it is applied to the plan all the bumps on the walls, piping and electrical outlets. In other words - to draw a detailed plan of the store. It will be useful when you need to be a hare to another point. Furniture store this equipment, which should be permanent. For although it is known that every few years need to be made to reorganize the store and refresh its image, it is the purchase of furniture, which quickly began to require repairs and replacement would not work. The purpose of which is to make money, because after this function at all stores. Will be required to plan ... a plan. Who measured the store and charted everything down on paper, it can begin to consider how to deploy the furniture shop, not only to accommodate all the goods, but also contributed to the increase in turnover of the shop. To this end, it is worth considering the basic things, such as for example the distance between shelves. If you will be too small, people will be uncomfortable squeeze between them. Too much, in turn, make the space will not be optimally utilized. It seems that the measurement store is an activity not very significant. But it is worth to get on with it seriously. Especially when you want to insert into the room with new furniture store. Why? Because even in the case of large areas and long shelves a few inches can make a difference. About how it is important to accurately measure a distance of small shops, probably not worth mentioning. The selection of such a kitchen is primarily due to a perfect fit furniture to the room. If the furniture will be designed perfectly to size of the room, then surely it's all going to look quite perfectly. This method can be used each corner of the kitchen every corner, which in the normal arrangement of furniture would be lost. Custom-made furnishings are designed based on the measurement carried out by the designer. In addition, the great advantage of preparing furniture and other wooden components is their uniqueness. Nowadays, it is a tremendous asset that makes our apartment can be a unique and unrepeatable. In this context, woodworking is something more special. Besides, you should know that hand-made furniture is much more durable and can decorate our house for several generations. This is an important issue - whether the store has to be like all the others, or to keep its own unique character? Is the furniture shop should be made to order, or selected from the catalog offer? It is worth to think about - individual, thoughtful interior can pretty well affect sales. But not always and not everywhere. That's why - just like any other point - the shop owner should approach alone make a choice. You can choose from a catalog furniture shop and at random. And you can try to take the opportunity to improve the functionality and profitability of the store with a better interior.

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